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Yoshio Takeuchi: Jungle Emperor Leo: The Movie


Yoshio Takeuchi - Jungle Emperor Leo: The Movie  artwork Jungle Emperor Leo: The Movie
Yoshio Takeuchi
Genre: Kids & Family
Price: $9.99
Release Date: October 28, 2003

Leo, the king of the jungle, is a white lion who lives in peace with his children, Lune and Lukio, his wife, Lyre, and his fellow animals in the the jungle. One day, a man named Ham-egg and his investigation team come to the jungle in search of a stone called "Moonlight Stone" which is believed to have magical energies. The team cuts a path through the jungle to pursue the investigation, causing devastation, and Leo stands up against them. Meanwhile Lune, one of Leo’s sons, is fascinated with the sound emerging from a music box which he found in the jungle and begins to take an interest in humans.

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